Monday February 4th:
I did lunch at Soma in Beverly and formally signed with my new Social Media guy, Christopher Castro. This is long over due for me, but dinosaurs tend to move a little slower than the rest of the world.
You have to understand, when I was a kid, we didn’t have a refrigerator, we had an “ice box.”...NO JOKE.
“Frame Up,” the very first novel in the “Fenway Burke Mystery Series” is getting nothing but rave reviews. Amazon’s # 1 Hall of Fame Reviewer, Harriet Klausner set the tone with our very first review off an advanced copy in late August. Here’s her take on “Frame Up” here:

We’ve had twenty-four odd reviews in since that time, every single one of which saying the exact same thing...”James Phoenix is THE NEXT ROBERT B. PARKER.”

“Sons of Spade,” a big mystery site in the Netherlands, also gave “Frame Up” FIVE STARS, did my very first full length author interview and in late December selected “Frame Up” as the BEST DEBUT NOVEL OF THE YEAR. 

A couple of weeks later, “Black Mask Magazine” came to the very same conclusions, naming “Frame Up” the BEST of the YEAR.

Cool stuff, huh? I mean really, I came to the world of letters from completely out of the blue. Go to my site, and click on to “The Story Behind the Story” and it will jump right out at you, exactly what I had to go though to get to this point, thousands upon thousands of pages written, over 508 rejection letters, all kinds of false turns, set backs and disappointments, a project I first thought would take one to maybe two years to finally take off taking more than fourteen and on and on and on.

It’s an extremely dramatic story and falls clearly under the heading of “The Triumph of the Little Man,” but even now we’re still not out of the woods altogether.

The reviews universally have been raves...The reader reactions ditto...Just as Robert B. Parker, who has been called The Dean of the Mystery Genre,” followed in the footsteps of his great hero, Raymond Chandler, so I, James Phoenix, am following in the footsteps of my great hero, Robert B...To date we’ll heard back from 310 ribald Parker fans.

After having read my work, they were asked just two questions:

Is the work of James Phoenix on a par with his great hero, Robert B. Parker?
Would you buy it?

We have yet to get a single NO answer on either question...It’s 310 to 0 in favor.

So how come we’re still not out of the woods?

Very simple...To date “James Phoenix” is the best kept secret in the Mystery Genre.

The one and only thing separating us from an enormous success is E-X-P-O-S-U-R-E.

And that is where my new pal, Chris Castro fits in...You can expect more and more rave reviews...And thanks to Chris, one hell of a lot more about my favorite author.

All things are possible,
James Phoenix

6/3/2023 09:58:49 am

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