Hi troopers,
I happen to be in the world of letters, but it doesn’t really matter what field you pursue, the same basic rule is always in place:

“The higher you reach, the rougher it gets.”

And if you do put yourself out there, you can expect to run into any number of do nothing knuckleheads who are falling all over themselves just dying to point out what a jerk you are to even try. These are guys who are actually rooting for you to fail. Why? Because by putting you down they think they’re building themselves up.

Not that I’m bitter, perish the thought.

This on top of getting smacked right between the eyes with every set back and disappointment you could ever imagine and a thousand and one you never saw coming at all.

The good news is most people see the odds and never get up to bat in the first place and the vast majority of people who do, get kicked in the pants and quickly give up.

That’s good news, because if that were not the case, they’d be your competition.

To get to the point where I am with this grand adventure of mine, I’ve formally dubbed The Phoenix Project, above and beyond the grins that said “You’ll never win,” I have a collection of five hundred eight rejection letters and have written over eight thousand pages, that’s effectively War & Peace times eight.

The reviews are in. Here’s a smattering below, but even now we’re still not completely out of the woods. Why? Because it takes time, despite all our rave FIVE STAR reviews, the general public is still not aware who this new rising star of the Mystery Genre, James Phoenix, actually is.

Suddenly that state of affairs is changing very rapidly. I’ve hooked up with a Social Media guru who actually knows what he’s doing, my new pal, Chris Castro. Among other things, he’s started placing ads on Facebook.

When you click on to the link below you’ll see the Facebook landing page that people see when they click on to our ad. There’s a special offer and a very silly two-minute video, but it turns out, there’s a lot worse things a fellow can do than going into business with Mark Zuckerberg.


The rewards for successful writers of Commercial Fiction, people like my great hero, Robert B. Parker, chick lit queen, Danielle Steele and Steven King, to name but a few are in the billions...James Phoenix is not there yet.

But it’s getting clearer and clearer, the die is cast.

James Phoenix

“Top rate investigation, fans of Parker’s Spenser will enjoy Phoenix’s take on the mean streets of Boston. FIVE STARS”

Harriet Klausner, Amazon #1, Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer.

Bodies pile up and Fenway discovers he’s up against a violent and talented international hit man. Just staying alive makes this quite an adventure. Highest Rating.

Book Views, by Alan Caruba

“Frame Up pays homage to all the best parts of the genre—I applaud Phoenix’s boldness, and fans of the crime drama, including Parker’s should enjoy this latest addition.”

Literary Aficionado FIVE STARS

“Phoenix gives readers a larger than life hero to root for, plenty of shoot outs and fisticuffs.”

Crime Fiction Lover

“Frame Up keeps the pace going. Fenway’s relentless, even when he would probably be better off not being so.”

Shooting Star Mag FIVE STARS

“Frame Up blew me away, buy it!” FIVE STARS, selected Best Debut Novel of the Year.

Sons of Spade

“Frame Up, James Phoenix’s debut novel, has laid the groundwork to establish himself as the heir apparent to legendary Robert Parker” FIVE STARS. Nashua Telegram - 

“This is an action thriller that will grab your attention about halfway through the novel and keep you chuckling throughout...A segue to Robert Parker.

Swampscott Marblehead Reporter - FIVE STARS

“FRAME UP is almost certain to satisfy the most jaded of thrill seekers.”

I Love a Mystery-FIVE STARS

“Hands down the best debut novel of the year.” FIVE STARS, The Black Mask Magazine

“Brilliant dialogue and a story that grabs you by page two and never lets go. Bravo!”

FIVE STARS, Good Reads

Rated must read by Listopia, FOUR & ONE HALF STARS...(Guess you can’t please everybody.)

High Praise from The Robert B. Parker Fan Club for James Phoenix

“Couldn't put the damn thing down!” 

“I started Frame Up yesterday and finished it this morning. Phoenix really grabbed me!”

“Thanks for Frame Up, an awesome story. I can't wait for the next one!”

“It’s true, James Phoenix is The Next Robert B. Parker.”

“Phoenix is dynamite!”  

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