Well, it was quite a week. Thursday we had a benefit signing for the Beverly Public Library with a very good turn out. I did a reading from “Frame Up,” spoke about the “Fenway Burke Series” and the next two novels already under contract, our rave FOUR and FIVE star reviews, and then had a lively Q&A.

Close to half the people in the audience had already read “Frame Up,” and I’m gratified to say, that every single one of them shared my own personal point of view, that James Phoenix is not only THE NEXT ROBERT B. PARKER, but he’s also God’s gift to the world of letters....Okay, I still may be the only guy with that perspective on the back end of that thing, but this is America, surely I’m entitled to my opinion.

Christopher Castro, the “Phoenix Project’s” answer to Mark Zuckerberg and our new Social Media guru, put in an appearance with his lovely bride, Kirsten. It was the first time I go to meet her. Chris’s done very well for himself.

After the signing, Chris had me do a video for our Facebook advertising campaign, but that one’s going to have to be a do over...The Man of Steel, wasn’t. After speaking for over an hour, I didn’t have a whole lot left...No problem, we’ll get that one done by mid to late next week and put it in front of close to one hundred million Facebook subscribers.

Chris posted some scary numbers with the Facebook test run. Starting next week, we get serious about it.

Friday I was on Peabody Access TV being interviewed by the North Shore ARC’s Merritt Kilpatrick around my benefit signing for the Arc at their fabulous Arts Center, March 7th at 6:00 PM. That’s right in downtown Peabody.

We’re expecting quite a turn out for that one as Merritt, who heads up the Art Center, along with her entire staff and volunteers have really been getting the word out.

On Saturday, March 2nd, I had my signing at the Barnes & Nobles at the North Shore Mall and I have to say we were delighted with the response. Caroline our host was just terrific and the turnout was even better than I had hoped for...Ahhh, the power of the press, the Beverly Citizen gave “Frame Up” a fabulous review just prior to the signing and we got some very nice ink in the Salem News and of course, the Boston Globe as well.

Now if I can just catch my breath, we’ll wade right back in next week and continue with our more than a dozen events coming up in the next 60 to 90 days.

I’ll keep you posted troopers,
James Phoenix

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