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If you’re a parent, a grandparent or a good aunt or uncle, what you end up doing is placing a higher value on the lives of your children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews than you do your very own.

Nobody in my family was injured in the horrible events of yesterday at the Boston Marathon, but all I could think of was the innocent children who were either killed or maimed.

I don’t care who was involved or what their cause was, this is all terrorism, plain and simple and there can be no justification.

My gut reaction was to get those guys and burn them at the stake and here I am, the guy who’s normally opposed to the death penalty.

The really scary part is, I’m having a serious problem getting out of that frame of mind.

It’s a cruel world out there. We’ve had Pearl Harbor and 9/11, but as Americans we are very sheltered.

If we were living with our families in Afghanistan, we would be in constant fear of death raining down on our kids from the skies from the drones, whether we were in anyway involved directly in the conflict or not. That’s terrorism too, or am I wrong?

I’m not a political person. I’ve always tried to stay above the fray, but terrorism in any form is pure evil and impacts us all.

Guys like me never volunteered for this conflict and are not in uniform, but we’re all in nonetheless.

We’ve been drafted.

But there is no cause, no matter how worthy, that can ever justify the death of the innocent.  

The problem is, until we fully accept that, all of us, no matter what side we take, will be forced to live in fear for the lives of our children.

James Phoenix


4/28/2023 07:41:40 am

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