Well it looks like they got both of the Boston Marathon Terrorists, but it’s a very long way from being over.

During the big war my ole man was in France. He got to know this guy Marcel, whose family was somehow involved in the Resistance.

Or at least the Germans thought they were, because they raided their house. His father and one of his brothers resisted and were killed outright. They took another brother away who was never heard from again. His mother and sister were beaten.

Marcel wasn’t much more than a boy at the time. He got hit in the head with a rifle butt, but somehow managed to get away...Later joining the Resistance for real.

He wasn’t Captain America, he was just a guy like you or me, but at that point he was in.

My father’s comment was:

“That guy was going to be a German hater for the rest of his life.”

I don’t know what was going on in the heads of those two young men here in Boston, or what events real or imaginary brought them to the point where they thought that somehow the tragedy they inflicted was somehow justified.

I don’t even know what their cause was...but the really sad part is, as long as there’s trauma, they’ll be tragedy...And they’ll always be trauma.

James Phoenix

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