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We continue to receive nothing but rave FIVE STAR reviews for Frame Up, the first of the Fenway Burke Mystery Series. Go to my site, www.jamesphoenixnovels.com for our video and click on to Praise for the Author. You’ll see one rave review after the next.

Lot of things in the works for the Phoenix Project, all of which are about just one thing: getting the word out. Our Facebook ads are getting a response you could only call scary, http://www.jamesphoenixnovels.com/facebook-landing-page.html
and April marks the start of a second round of benefit signings.

On the 11th,  I’ll be at the ARC Arts Center at the site of the old Post Office on Foster Street, Peabody, MA. That event starts at 5:30 PM with all proceeds from Frame Up, the first novel in the Fenway Burke Mystery Series signing, going to the North East ARC.

They do wonderful work, giving a hand up to people with developmental disabilities and I hope to see a lot of you there.

Then on the 25th there will be another reading of Frame Up. I’ll be at the Lynn Campus Library of North Shore Community College, NSCC, at 300 Broad Street. That ones at 2:00PM and once again all proceeds got to the College.

That appearance marks the start of a State Wide tour with the Community College System with an eye toward going National.

In my day the Community College System was all about second chances and geared toward late bloomers like myself. I’m a product of that system.

Today it’s all that, but so much more. Now with the economy and people thrown out of work, the MA Community College System has once again stepped up by offering a wide variety of courses for re-training which opens up all kinds of work opportunities people never would have had without them.

It’s a beautiful thing and if you were looking for a prime example of your tax dollars really do some good for us...Look no further.

I had a learning disability that was only diagnosed five years ago. No one had ever heard of it during any of my school days. At the age of 60 they found out I was high end ADD/ADHD. My main symptom was Hyper Focus, or in my case, off the wall, bonkers, out of his mind completely, beyond the pale, nutso, crazy Hyper Focus.

If I were interested in any given topic I did extremely well...But if the topic didn’t really grab me, I didn’t know it was there.

Though I was recognized as being extremely creative, my Hyper Focus did not make for a well-rounded student.

My English & Public Speaking Prof saw something special in me. His name was Roger Richards. As I was transferring to a four-year school he called me into his office. I’ll never forget what he had to say to me.

“Jim...Most students here do not have the academic wherewithal to make it in the Ivy league...You clearly have the wherewithal...But not the desire...I just thought someone should tell you that before you left this place.”

Professor Rogers got me to thinking.  Maybe I wasn’t such a dumb bell after all.

He’d be in his 80’s now. They’re trying to track him down to introduce me for my signing at NSCC in Lynn.

Here’s hoping he’s still kicking around. I want to tell him how much that little talk meant to me.

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